Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow, and a Sky Full of Singing

We got the first bit of snowfall this winter, in Nashville, that actually stuck around for an hour or so, before dissolving as though it had never been there.

I'm not complaining. I hate the stuff. Got my fill of snow all the years I lived in Michigan!

But, I did grab my camera, slip on some shoes, and run out to my backyard to document the strange little dusting that looked more like vanilla sprinkles than snowflakes. Here's one of my pictures, serving as inspiration for another knitting project, soon:

I can't wait to get started on that!

But, in the meanwhile, I've finished my first scarf project, based on the colors from "In a Nutshell".
I ran into a little trouble trying to photograph the scarf: because of the fun fur, no matter what interesting angle I tried, the thing just looked like a tribble.

So I decided to go with a close-up, instead.

In a Nutshell photo

In a Nutshell scarf

Also on my agenda, I finished reading "The Crystal World" by J. G. Ballard as the book in my 2015 challenge that 'came out the year I was born'. 

I remembered, a page or two in, why it was also a book I started and never finished. I just couldn't engage, no matter how hard I tried. But I soldiered through, this time. 

My reward? The next challenge! 'A book of short stories'. Look at this beauty:

Got this baby right out of my bookshelf, and couldn't even find a reference photo to link online! So I took one myself. I feel like the moment I open the cover, a chorus in the sky will break out. 

I shall read with great reverence, indeed.

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